By Trevor Loudon   |  The Epoch Times  |   February 8, 2019


The welfare state is a pernicious and destructive system that saps the moral fiber of a nation and leads inevitably, if unchecked, to tyranny. On the way to slavery welfarism, it cancerously eats away at our humanity. Government welfare obliterates the best side of human nature. It destroys generosity and kindness and genuine concern for the welfare of others.

The welfare state is the deadly enemy of the “welfare society.”

The Social Security Act was signed on Aug. 14, 1935, as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal.” When speaking about the proposed Social Security program during his 1935 State of the Union message, Roosevelt added this prophetic warning:

“The lessons of history, confirmed by evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence on relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy. It is a violation of the traditions of America.”

We have been told for decades that government welfare is necessary to temper the rapaciousness of “capitalism.” It has been repeated so often and most people’s lives are now so government-oriented that most of us, even many conservatives, now believe it.

The alternative is false.

Our choice is not an exploitative unchecked capitalism versus the kind and benevolent welfare state.

The real options are harsh, brutal, impersonal, and uncaring state welfare socialism, or a vigorous, dynamic, wealth-producing, free enterprise economy coupled with a well-funded private network of charitable institutions able to humanely and personally help those few individuals and families suffering from a temporary setback or coping with a permanent disability.

A Moral Obligation

British writer James Bartholomew argues in his excellent book “The Welfare State We’re In” that Britain in the 19th century was a model not of exploitation and human degradation in a heartless industrial state, but of a society where private charities, benevolent societies, and insurance cooperatives served the poor and working classes very well indeed.

The culture of Britain, before the welfare state destroyed it, regarded private charity as a great moral virtue and as almost an obligation for the middle class and better off.

According to Bartholomew, in 19th century Britain, it was regarded as normal that surgeons would devote two days out of their five-day working week to treating the poor in charitable hospitals. The average British middle-class family spent more on charity each year than they did on food and clothing.

Six out seven British working men had health insurance through the dozens of major “friendly societies” that operated at the time.

According to the Shepherd’s Friendly website:

“The majority of friendly societies started as locally based groups, usually a few villagers or neighbours, where members would contribute a small payment each month so that they could receive a lump sum payment in times of need. The money would be invested or saved if it didn’t have an immediate requirement.

“There was an agreed risk when paying a fee to the society, and the pay-out conditions could be in many forms such as the death of a cow, the cost of a funeral, regular sickness payments or an old age pension. …

“People joined Friendly Societies in large numbers and by the late 1800’s there were approximately 27,000 registered Friendly Societies. At the end of the nineteenth century, friendly societies provided most insurance, benefits, and pensions across the UK.”

That was the culture. It wasn’t Dickensian grinding poverty with urchins and beggars on every street corner. That picture is largely leftist propaganda. It was a functioning, efficient, and humane society that looked after its less fortunate way more humanely than is the norm today.

What destroyed it? The introduction of widespread government social programs in the 1930s, and the introduction of socialized health care in the 1940s.

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As the government stepped in, the churches, friendly societies, and private charities moved out. Private charitable giving dramatically reduced as higher taxes bit hard and people abandoned their responsibilities to their less-fortunate fellow citizens to the state.

Today, there are fewer than 200 friendly societies remaining in Britain. Many church and private charities get more of their income from the state than they do from private donors. They are effectively state contractors.

Private charitable networks are still very strong in most Muslim countries. The Mormon Church is well known for its extensive charitable networks and its efforts to keep members off the government welfare rolls. Private charities and self-help networks are still very common in the Chinese Diaspora.

They were once also common in the United States, particularly in Black and ethnic communities. Wave after wave of government welfare programs destroyed that culture.

Why it Works

Private welfare works best for very simple reasons. It’s voluntary, it tends to be local, and it’s personal. Private charities take money from generous people in their communities and use it as efficiently as possible to assist distressed individuals and families. The goal is to use the money wisely and to get the recipient back on his or her feet as quickly as possible. Everybody involved is closely connected. The charity feels its obligation to both donor and recipient. The donor feels good, and the recipient feels grateful and motivated to improve their situation as quickly as possible. If recipients try to cheat the system, they will be quickly found out and the resources will be re-allocated to a more deserving case.

Private local charities have every incentive to be frugal and efficient with the resources they are given. Often this means using a little “tough love,” which is sometimes what’s required to get some people back on the right path. Private charity done well is a win-win for all involved.

State welfare is neither voluntary, local, nor personal. Huge amounts of money are taken by compulsory taxation and given to armies of bureaucrats, who dole it out to often ungrateful and irresponsible ”beneficiaries.” A state welfare bureaucracy has every incentive to keep as many people on the rolls for as long as possible. There is little demand for beneficiaries to get jobs, go into training, or stop having illegitimate babies. More welfare recipients mean more jobs and higher salaries for welfare workers. It’s a self-perpetuating system that does immense financial, psychological, and spiritual damage to all involved.

Private welfare encourages increased personal responsibility in all the voluntary parties involved. Government welfare increases irresponsibility in everyone it touches.

A Better Future

If a brave and responsible government legislated that all state welfare was to be phased out completely over 10 years, and all state pensions were to be phased out over 30 years, there would be a huge uproar. The left would go ballistic. Predictions would abound on mass starvation and poverty ahead.

If the government stayed the course, however, we would see a flourishing of new Friendly Societies, church charities, and mutual aid groups in every community in the nation. With taxes way down, the economy would boom and wages and salaries dramatically increase. Demand for welfare would plummet, and those in genuine need would be amply and humanely cared for.

The benevolent welfare society would make us all better people, and the ugly and cruel welfare state would no longer blight our free nation.

What are we waiting for people?

Portrait of Trevor Loudon, author and creator of "The Enemies Within Movie" DVD.Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics.

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By Trevor Loudon |  via The Epoch Times    |  February 8, 2019 Updated: February 12, 2019


Government welfare is communism. Free money from the state, whether in terms of benefits, hand-outs, or non-universal tax-beaks is a trap that will draw people into socialism and beyond.

It’s a lot like cancer.

Stage one of societal cancer is “welfarism.” Citizens get a few benefits for the elderly, the very young, those who can’t look after themselves, maybe some student loans. The economy remains pretty healthy. The symptoms are mild and noticed by very few.

As things get more “social democratic” (stage two), the benefits become more universal and more generous. The selective tax incentives become larger. At stage two, most people are getting something from the government. Some people are getting a lot. The government help is no longer seen as a gratefully received lifeline to get through tough times, but rather a “right.” People who are dependent on state funds grow increasingly envious of those who get more. People who work hard and get little grow increasingly resentful of those who work little and get a lot. Honest self-respecting businesses are at a competitive disadvantage against those less scrupulous enterprises willing to “milk the system.” The economy starts to show signs of distortions and inefficiencies. Economic growth slows while social tensions slowly rise. A small minority notice some worrying symptoms. Most remain oblivious.

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In “socialism” (stage three), things begin to spiral out of control. Taxes are now way higher, and the economy is sluggish or negative. Benefits and handouts are near universal, and health care, education, and most social services are run by the state. Quality of service considerably declines as fewer and fewer private businesses can maintain a competitive service-oriented economy. Increasing private sector unemployment leads to growing unemployment rolls, and a corresponding growth in taxes, welfare expenditure, government-makes-work schemes, and a rapidly expanding public sector. Those few surviving businesses either live off government contracts or have a corrupt relationship with government bureaucrats, organized crime, or both. Symptoms are now very obvious. The economy is imploding, waiting lines are endemic, and service quality is abysmal in almost every sector. A few are fighting back, but most are desperately trying figuratively to cannibalize their fellow citizens to survive.

Stage four is “communism.” Society’s immune system—the virtues of honesty, responsibility, and compassion—are virtually wiped out. The economy is in free-fall and social decline is evident everywhere. Resentment and jealousy are endemic. Hatred is rife, only just contained by the increasingly powerful military and state security services. The state controls all and is busily sucking every last ounce of life out of the economy and the people. Everything is free, but most of it is worthless. Health care is available to all (unless you’re an enemy of the state) but quality is abysmal, and the queues are endless.

Unless you are politically connected, your elderly and chronically ill will die long before they get to share a hospital ward with 12 other people, an army of cockroaches, and a toxic soup of filth, bacteria, and viruses. By now the disease is obvious to all. But by that time everyone is trapped. The leaders must watch their backs every second lest their rivals stab them. They must repress the populace with terror, lest the people rise up and hang their leaders from lamp posts. The army and secret police must leech off the workers to get enough crumbs to feed their own families. The common people cannot organize a revolt because in every darkened basement of 10 or 12 conspirators, three or four will be government informants ready to sell out their fellow plotters for a bigger room or a few more ration coupons for their families. This is the terminal stage. Death can be staved off for a while with outside intervention, but the only possible cure at this stage is a desperate, bloody, and, almost certainly suicidal, revolt.

And it all started with just a little bit of harmless welfare.

Liberty for All

It constantly amazes me as I travel across this great land how many Americans and even anti-communists fail to see the connection between government welfare and socialism and communism.

I often hear people tell me how much they love the constitution, but can’t wait for their Medicare to kick in. They’re for freedom but, hey, just got an extra benefit because their college-aged daughter is living at home. They love America, but they just hired another worker because the state gave them a wage-subsidy to do so.

These people are all patriots, but they’re allowing stage one cancer to take hold in their own country. How can they complain when stages two, three, and four eventually destroy all they hold dear?

A friend of mine in New Zealand, I’ll call him Ian, is a committed libertarian. He has a favorite saying: “Being a libertarian costs.” He means that figuratively, as in the emotional pain and spiritual anguish he has often had to endure. But, he also means it literally.

As a libertarian, Ian will take nothing from the state. In New Zealand, both health and accident compensation are socialized, and there are numerous incentives for businesses covered by the taxpayer. Everywhere you turn from cradle to grave there are government benefits, hand-outs, and tax incentives available to rich and poor alike.

New Zealand is stage two, bordering on stage three.

Ian won’t take any of it. He’s paid massive amounts of tax to the state but refuses to take anything in return. He drives on the state-funded roads because there is no choice; he pays for state-provided utilities if there is no private competition. Beyond that, Ian refuses every free service, every subsidy, every hand-out, every “incentive.”

If he injures himself, he is “entitled” to state accident compensation. He pays the taxes, then he pays out of his own pocket for his own care.

Freedom is everything to Ian, and he would rather pay double for many things than give up an ounce of his liberty.

If all of us were like Ian, we would never have to worry about socialism or communism again.

Welfarism, social democracy, socialism, and communism are cancerous and parasitic. If we do not let these parasites attach themselves to us, they cannot drain the life from our bodies and souls.

Every American must understand that the first step in fighting creeping totalitarianism is get off every form of welfare and government largesse possible. This may be difficult at first, but becoming a free, fully self-responsible being is the only real way to effectively fight for liberty for all.

Portrait of Trevor Loudon, author and creator of "The Enemies Within Movie" DVD. Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics.

Trevor presents his movie, “ENEMIES WITHIN” DVD—BUY NOW